Classic German Baking

A great book with a vast range of German dessert recipes. Well explained step by step with amazing picture of both the food and Germany scenes. Sadly not enough. That’s my only complaint about the book. 267 pages full of recipes but the pictures are scarce. Specially for those not used to the German desserts….

The Wurst of Lucky Peach

I was disappointed as I was expecting a book on how to make the different types of sausages, but it limits to being a dictionary of sorts of all the types of encased meats around the globe.

Sweeter off the Vine

As you might know from my gardening blogĀ I’ve recently planted many fruits like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries. Also already had some others I have already harvested like grapes, peaches and figs. That said, the reasons behind my interest in this book should be more than obvious. One of the usual concerns with gardening is what…

Home Cooked

A trip thru Italy via amazing pictures, tasteful and colorful recipes.