Coconut and raspberry pancakes

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Everyday should be pancake appreciation day but who am I to turn down a whole day dedicated to the greatest breakfast of all. A winning combination by all accounts, this year’s Pancake Day deserved something extra special so this morning I whipped up this delicious coconut and raspberry pancake recipe…

P is for Pancakes

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It’s pancake day here in the UK, so naturally I had to make my humble contribution to the many recipes currently flying around on social media. Not being able to decide on just one, youre in for a treat as I’ve got two yummy recipes for you to try…

Brunch O’Clock

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As a millennial, I’m naturally a big fan of brunch. I love it. It combines the best bits of breakfast and lunch and is a perfectly acceptable time to mix sweet and savoury – french toast, maple syrup and a side of thick cut bacon? Yes please. Brunch has…

Baked eggs

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Baked eggs are an inspiration all the time. Today I just saw a beautiful photo from Jamie Oliver with baked eggs and it just send me in the kitchen. With just a few ingredients in the fridge I decided to do something like that: baked eggs with cheese and…

Oat Pancakes

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? I’m a little pancake obsessed. I like them flat, thin, fluffy or fat. I like them covered in syrup and melting butter or spread with Nutella or cream cheese. I like them peppered with blueberries or bananas, or wrapped around red berries. I am an advocate of the…

The Ultimate French Toast

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When I hear people say they’re “not break people” it’s game over for me. Breakfast is the reason I go to sleep each night and the reason I wake with a slight excitement. The person who first told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day was…

Eggs on sour cream

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This eggs are a reminder of my dad. I keep seeing him with a saucepan in hand and some eggs in the other hand. My mom was the one doing all the cooking in the house, even my dad was a great cook. He used to cook for us…

Creative and tasty way to use stale bread 

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Nothing can be easier than turning stale bread into delicious gourmet croutons for soup and salad toppings. Besides that there are many more ways in using and reusing stale bread. So, before you through away stale and old bread consider this bacon, egg and bread bake. Bacon, bread and egg bake –…

My Favorite Breakfast

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Homemade Multi-Grain Bread + Cream Cheese  or Goat Cheese Smear + Onion, Radish, Broccoli & Clover Sprouts = Best Breakfast Ever!