Old Fashion Blueberry Grunt

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Have you ever heard of Blueberry Grunt? It is a cobbler that you cook on top of the stove instead of in the oven. The reason it was named “Grunt” is because the blueberries make a grunt sound while boiling underneath the steamed biscuits. Old Fashion Blueberry Grunt can…

Williams-Sonoma Blueberry Crumble Pie… to die for!

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I have a Martha Stewart crutch when it comes to baking… when I am looking for a recipe I tend to just gravitate towards looking one up on her website since I know it will be great. Ree Drummond too… I just feel like she always nails it, but they…

Blueberry Almond Pound Cake (with Almond Glaze)

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My husband really flattered me the other day… I told him I was making this pound cake, and he told me that I should go on the show “Beat Bobby Flay” and challenge him to one of my recipes with blueberries, because I am the queen of fresh blueberry desserts.…

Strawberry Blueberry Muffins

Perfect, bakery style strawberry blueberry muffins! Homemade muffins packed with fresh strawberries and blueberries and topped with a cinnamon sugar crumble. These unique muffins are impossible not… Source: Strawberry Blueberry Muffins

Rye Pancakes

They really are. Relatively easy to do and flexible enough to keep them different even if you eat them on a daily basis. Home made ones can’t be beat!

Blueberry jam and cottage cheese rolls

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I was eager to bake something sweet and use up blueberry jam that I made a while ago. Thus, sweet rolls came to my mind. My inspiration was cinnamon rolls, well the dough to be more precise. The filling – blueberries and cottage cheese – was something that I had…

Mini Cheesecakes

Simple, adorable mini cheesecakes made with graham cracker crusts and topped with blueberry and strawberry jelly. These easy-to-make mini cheesecakes with natural red, white, and blue colors are th… Source: Mini Cheesecakes

Healthy breakfast – granola, greek yogurt and jam

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Bread machine jam is a wonderful thing! It is super easy to make and very versatile. It can be used on toast, baking a cake, with cheese or just making breakfast a very tasty start of the day. Healthy breakfast – granola, greek yogurt and jam As most of us…